'A Muslim woman does not have to choose between her faith and her feminism'


Our Mission

To empower Muslim women and girls to be true equals in all aspects of family, public and spiritual life. WeRise is rooted in the politics of anti-racism, the spirituality of Islamic feminism, and the universal values of justice, equality and human rights.


Our Themes

Women's Empowerment

We encourage Muslim women and girls to recognise their role as powerful agents of social change, and to confront gender inequality and patriarchal attitudes be they in the family, community, or wider society. We want to shatter the misconception that a Muslim woman has to choose between her faith and her feminism. We advocate for egalitarian interpretations of Islam which uphold the Qur’anic principle of equality between men and women.

Challenging Racism

Our feminist principles are based on dismantling all structures of oppression, including those based on class, race, ethnicity and faith, as well as gender. We challenge racial inequality and anti-Muslim hatred wherever it occurs, whether it is on the streets as hate crime, far-right extremism on social media, discrimination in education and employment, or in right-wing political narratives that demonise Muslims, immigrants or people of colour.

Countering Extremism

We nurture resilience in Muslim communities against violent ideologies and fundamentalist interpretations of Islam, in ways that respect the dignity and faith of Muslims. We reject approaches that stigmatise, criminalise and problematise Muslims, or that view counter-extremism through a lens of anti-terror national security agendas. Rather, we look for research-led, community-based solutions, which stem from the Islamic ideal of a fair and peaceful society.

Our Activities


Coaching and Mentoring

Aaliyah helps spiritual and justice-minded Muslim women who are torn between their faith and their feminism to find peace and personal power, while deepening their connection to the Divine. She helps women resolve their internal and external conflicts around gender and religion, guiding them through a nurturing but powerful process of uncovering and releasing deeply-held limiting beliefs around their feminine identity. Through her one-to-one mentorship, she helps women stand in their authentic truth of what it means to be a woman, a believer, and a true equal in the eyes of the Divine.



We provide support to companies, organisations and the public sector, including schools, colleges, the police and local authorities with the delivery of in-house and bespoke training, talks and workshops on a range of themes. We also offer tailored solutions to improve cross-cultural understanding and community cohesion, through meaningful dialogue and engagement. As a result our clients are better equipped to engage with this hard-to-reach group, and can deal appropriately and sensitively with issues such as community tensions, extremism, hate-crime and gender-based violence.


Media and Public Speaking

Aaliyah Hussain, Founder and Executive Director, is well-known for her ability to speak and write passionately and articulately on matters of social justice and women's empowerment, in a way that can communicate to all types of people, regardless of age, class or culture. She is just as comfortable speaking to a class of Year 6s about Black Lives Matter as she is giving a lecture to University students on Gendered Islamophobia. She has appeared on Newsnight (click on photo above for the video), written for the Huffington Post, and is often interviewed on the radio and for newpapers. If you would like to book Aaliyah to speak, or have an interview request, please email contact@we-rise.co.uk



We provide safe spaces for Muslim women to find support, attend talks and hold workshops to help change culturally-held attitudes around gender and sex, explore race and identity, and foster resilience against extremism. Some of the topics we cover:

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Faith and Feminism

Sexual Abuse & Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Relationships & Sex Education (RSE)

Gendered Islamophobia

Women’s Rights in Islam

Combating violence against women

Being responsible ‘Internet Citizens’

Online grooming and radicalisation

closeup of a young woman indoors wearing

Campaigns & Advocacy

We raise awareness of issues affecting Muslim women, and we insert women’s voices into debates on the role of Muslims in British society today.  We campaign to end violence against women, promote positive female Muslim role models, and challenge sweeping generalisations about ‘the Muslim woman’, to name a few.


WeRise Blog

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WeRise with Aaliyah

AWAKEN Membership


The ✨AWAKEN✨ membership is for Muslim women who are ready to awaken and access their Divine rights to equality, autonomy, peace and personal power. As your coach, I will guide you through my nurturing but powerful 'FEmpower' process; a magical mix of feminism and spirituality to help you stand in your truth, reclaim your sovereignty, and live more joyfully as a Muslim woman.


For only £55 a month, you will receive*:


✨ One private 1-2-1 coaching session a month (value £75)

✨ A Live Group Mentoring and Q&A session for AWAKEN members

✨ Monthly personalised exercises, action steps and journal prompts for self-inquiry to help you reach the vision you have for yourself and for your life 

✨ Monthly ‘WeRise with Aaliyah’ newsletter

✨ Email access to me between sessions

✨Recommended reading (books, articles, videos and podcasts) tailored to your unique needs and according to your stage in the empowerment journey 


If you are ready with your ‘YES!’ then book on for an AWAKEN Discovery Call with me to find out how we can work together.




With Love & Power,



Our Values


WeRise is an independent Community Interest Company with no loyalty to any government, political agenda or religious organisation. We will work in partnership with any group that shares our principles of equality, social justice and human rights.


We recognise that the intersecting harms of Islamophobia, patriarchy and religious fundamentalism work to gather to silence Muslim women. We will always aim to create safe spaces for Muslim women to articulate ether own concerns, rather than be spoken for/about


WeRise is non-sectarian, and recognises the full and equal humanity of all people, regardless of their gender, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or any other marker of identity, belief or lifestyle choice.



"Muslim women have a long and active history of demanding their rights, and like women all across the world, have been at the forefront of social justice movements. Muslim women hold the key to their ow empowerment, on their own terms, and do not need 'saving'. But change doesn't happen by itself. WeRise is more than a  women's empowerment organisation, it is a movement, and a call to action for Muslim women to e the change they want to see in the world."


“There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise”

W.E. Dubois

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